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2015-05-18 After conferring with Stacey at AutoGlass, she assured me that the correct windshield with the right tint and design will be installed like the original on our 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Two guys showed up early and on time after calling us to let us know they were in the area. They got to work right away, telling us that it'll take about an hour...the lead guy had an apprentice with him showing him the procedures..... They finished just before an hour was up....they did an excellent job! The new windshield had some more tint at the top of the windshield, something that was missing on the original of our Jeep, which turned out to be a great blessing, as it cut down the sun glare dramatically. They did a very professional job, didn't tear up anything on the Jeep. I highly recommend AutoGlassNow for their very low prices, excellent communications, and very professional installations. I found AutoGlassNow by accident, as all calls to a previous glass installer went unanswered and no return calls for our left we just took a chance on AutoGlassNow....we are so glad we did. Hat's off to this company! They do great work!

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