10 Facts About Auto Glass

Auto glass, like your windshield and car windows, are often overlooked when it comes to car maintenance, but they are actually the most important aspect of your car’s structural integrity. With hopes to make people see just how important auto glass is, here are some interesting facts that you may or may not know!

1. Windshield wipers were invented by a woman in 1903.

2. Windshields help deploy and position your car’s airbags.

3. In most states, it is illegal to drive with a chipped or cracked windshield.

4. Damaged auto glass and windshields make up nearly 50% of all auto insurance claims and are the most filed insurance claims.

5. Most passenger vehicle windshields are made of safety glass, which was created on accident by Edouard Benedictus. Safety Glass is a type of glass that when stuck, breaks into small fragments but does not shatter.

6. A Vehicle’s windshield contributes to 60% of the structural integrity of a car in the event of a roll-over, and 45% in the event of a front end collision.

7. Auto Glass has the ability to have thermal conductors installed to heat your windshield and melt ice that may collect during the winter.

8. Night vision is available and can be installed in your windshield.

9. Auto Glass is now treated to filter out harmful UV sun’s rays that damage your eyes and the interior leather/fabric of your car.

10. Glass is actually not classified as a solid, it’s classified as an amorphous solid. Amorphous solid is any noncrystalline solid in which the atoms and molecules are not organized in a definite lattice pattern.


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