5 Myths About Auto Glass

They say that myths become truth the more it gets told over and over again. Everything from humans only uses 10% of their brain, to carrots make your vision better just to name a few. The world of Auto Glass has its fair share of myths, and today we are going to debunk some of the most popular ones.


Driving Over Glass Will Damage Your Tires: FALSE

We hear this one all the time. The fear of driving over glass will damage your tires. As plausible as it may sound, this one is not true. Some movies and TV shows will have you believe that pieces of glass are thick enough to pierce through tires but, tires are much more carefully designed, with thick groves, nylon fabric, and steel belts, if they can take a thrashing on the road, they can handle a few shards of glass.


A Cracked Windshield Must Be Completely Replaced: FALSE

When you see a crack on your windshield, you probably start to dread the idea that you have got a full replacement of your windshield. While most cracks spell the end of your windshield, we are happy to report that not all cracks are the same because this is False. If you have a crack on your windshield that is the size of a nickel, it can be repaired by using resin to fill the crack and will make it look like nothing ever happened. It’s like magic.


Windshields Can Be Replaced At Home: FALSE

I’m pretty sure we have all seen the Flex Seal ads and became convinced that we can replace our own windshields with it or any similar substance and get the same results as an auto glass shop, but this is False. There is a lot more to replacing a windshield than simply removing the old one and placing the new one. You have to make sure that your windshield is from a reputable source and not from a salvage yard, You have to make sure you have the right tools to remove both the old windshield and old adhesive left on the car, properly dispose of the old windshield, properly handle the new windshield, clean the new windshield, find the right adhesive and its corresponding tools, re-clean the windshield…and you get the idea. So much can go wrong if you were to do it yourself and no amount of encouragement from flex seals Phil Swift can help you with that.


Replacing Auto Glass Will Raise Rates: FALSE

Depending on your policy coverage, auto glass is covered. However, one common myth is that using your insurance to pay for your auto glass work will make your insurance rates rise, again depending on your policy coverage, this is false. It is unlikely that your insurance rates will rise because of an auto glass claim Many insurance agencies allow you to fill out a “glass-only claim.” Check with your insurance agent for information on what your policy covers.


Auto Glass Is Expensive: FALSE

Let’s not mince words, owning a vehicle is expensive between regular maintenance, upgrades, and replacement pieces, the bills pile up. But lucky for you, Auto glass is one of the least expensive things you can service on your car. So you can file this one under False.


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