4 Tips That Can Help Prevent Automobile Break-In’s

Automobile break-ins can be one of the most frustrating, and scary things you can experience as a driver. It is unfortunate that it is as common as it is, but there are many things preventative things you can do to lessen the chances your vehicle will be broken into. The most obvious is to lock your doors and windows and to keep all valuables out of sight. But here are a few additional tips to consider.



Keep Your Vehicle Parked In Populated Or Well-Lit Areas

You are not doing yourself any favors if you park far from the populated and well-lit areas of your destination. Not only is it inconvenient to have to walk far to find your vehicle, but thieves look for vehicles parked in areas that are far from sight. It is better to patiently wait for a spot closest to the public as thieves are less likely to break into a vehicle where their actions can be seen.




Don’t Leave Car Running

No matter how quick the errand you are running will take, you never want to leave any opportunities for thieves to simply get in your vehicle and either take your valuables or worse drive off with your car. For some, this might sound obvious but each year, thousands of drivers report theft due to leaving their vehicle unattended, don’t be another statistic.





Do Not Leave Valuables In The Car

As we mentioned at the beginning, one of the simplest solutions would be to not leave any valuables visible. But even simpler than that would be to remove your valuables from your vehicle altogether. If the items don’t need to be in the vehicle at all, put it in your home, or take it with you. Thieves can be more brazen with which cars they decide to break into.




Consider Tinting Your Windows

Tinted windows will make it difficult for anyone to see inside your vehicle, and because they cant immediately see inside your vehicle, thieves have less incentive to break into your vehicle simply because they don’t know what if anything is inside.

Tips For Driving Into The Fog

Driving through fog can be a very nerve-wracking experience. The easiest solution is to not drive through the fog, but sometimes it is unavoidable. So, if you must drive through fog, here are some tips to consider.


Put Distance Between You and The Driver ahead of you

Give yourself plenty of distance from the car ahead of you as you drive, this way if you must make a sudden stop, you are far less likely to hit the car in front of you. Speaking of the car in front of you.



Do Not Use the Rear Lights of The Other Car as A Guide.

Never assume that the driver ahead of you is paying attention to the road ahead of him in the fog. They are more than likely having as much difficulty driving as you are. Look for the lines on the road, any signs, or any additional markers to ensure you remain on the road.




Avoid High-Beams.

Your first instinct when you can’t see is to turn on your high beams, but in the fog, this is one of the worse things you can do. Instead of illuminating the road ahead of you, the high beams will instead reflect on the fog, and make your visibility worse. Don’t be fooled by the fact that high beams can sometimes be called fog lights, keep your regular headlights on, and proceed with caution.



Cover Your Broken Auto Glass With A Temporary Shield

If your auto glass is completely damaged, the obvious answer is to replace it. But what do you do between the moment of the glass being damaged and having an auto glass tech look at your auto glass? It isn’t ideal to drive your vehicle without glass, we recommend putting on a temporary shield. This is how you do it.


Vacuum Glass Shards


Thoroughly vacuum any shards of glass that can be on the seats, floor, handles, cup holders, or anywhere you or your passengers will be as well as any surfaces they will interact with. If applicable, and possible, vacuum inside the car door to avoid rattling noises when you open or close the door.









Clean The Window Frame

Using a damp cloth, clean the frame of the auto glass was to remove dust and dirt before placing any temporary cover. This way the cover will firmly stay on.








Temporary Car Window Application

Place a clear plastic sheet directly on the window frame, make sure that it covers enough of the hole to prevent any outside elements from coming in, Next use clear packing tape to hold the cover in place, and to ensure that you can still see outside of your vehicle without obstructions.









Replace Auto Glass Immediately

There is an old saying that says “Nothing is more permanent than temporary measures. Don’t let this be the case with your auto glass. Avoid safety hazards and potential fix-it tickets by replacing your auto glass as soon as possible.

auto glass now blog on what to consider when deciding on a windshield repair or replacement

When You should Get A Windshield Repair or Windshield Replacement

auto glass now blog on what to consider when deciding on a windshield repair or replacement
What to consider when deciding on a windshield repair or windshield replacement

Repair Vs. Replacement: What is the difference?

Have you ever gone driving and all of a sudden a tiny rock hits your windshield, leaving a crack or small chip? The big question you may ask yourself is; do you get a windshield repair or full windshield replacement?

There are some factors to consider when making this decision. Knowing the size, depth and location can help with deciding whether you need a simple repair or full windshield replacement. 

The size of the damage is one of the first things to consider. For instance, If the chip is smaller than a quarter (about an inch) or if the crack is less than 3 inches and if the damage hasn’t started to “spider” and grow, a repair is all you need. If the damage is any bigger than a quarter or worse, a full windshield replacement is needed.

In addition to knowing the size, knowing the depth of the damage is also very important. Matter of fact, windshields are actually made of three layers: an inside layer of glass, an outside glass, and then a plastic layer in-between. If any damage on your windshield is deep enough to have reached the bottom layer, you’ll then need to get a replacement.

Location is the next and most important factor to consider because, despite the size of the chip or crack, even if it’s smaller than a quarter, if it's located at the edge of the windshield, a full replacement is absolutely necessary. Your windshield is an important part of your car’s structure and any damage at the edge of your windshield can actually affect its structural integrity and could possibly shatter when driving, which is something we don’t want. A full windshield replacement is also necessary if there is any damage located right in the driver’s line of sight, making it difficult to see when driving, which could lead to accidents. Putting yourself and others in danger

Price and time are also some things to consider, while not as important as knowing size, depth, and location, the service price for a repair or replacement often deter people from fixing their windshield right away. Spotting a small crack early on, before it has a chance to grow any bigger could save you a lot of money and that’s because a repair is significantly cheaper than a replacement.

A simple repair could help the damage from growing any bigger and you wouldn’t have to get a full replacement, however, if you want to a peace of mind and to stay safe on the road, we always recommend a full windshield replacement. A full windshield replacement may be costly, but ignoring the damage or waiting until the last minute to get a repair or replacement is very dangerous. Replace or repair your chipped or cracked windshield right away to protect yourself, your loved ones, and others on the road.

5 Myths About Auto Glass

They say that myths become truth the more it gets told over and over again. Everything from humans only uses 10% of their brain, to carrots make your vision better just to name a few. The world of Auto Glass has its fair share of myths, and today we are going to debunk some of the most popular ones.


Driving Over Glass Will Damage Your Tires: FALSE

We hear this one all the time. The fear of driving over glass will damage your tires. As plausible as it may sound, this one is not true. Some movies and TV shows will have you believe that pieces of glass are thick enough to pierce through tires but, tires are much more carefully designed, with thick groves, nylon fabric, and steel belts, if they can take a thrashing on the road, they can handle a few shards of glass.


A Cracked Windshield Must Be Completely Replaced: FALSE

When you see a crack on your windshield, you probably start to dread the idea that you have got a full replacement of your windshield. While most cracks spell the end of your windshield, we are happy to report that not all cracks are the same because this is False. If you have a crack on your windshield that is the size of a nickel, it can be repaired by using resin to fill the crack and will make it look like nothing ever happened. It’s like magic.


Windshields Can Be Replaced At Home: FALSE

I’m pretty sure we have all seen the Flex Seal ads and became convinced that we can replace our own windshields with it or any similar substance and get the same results as an auto glass shop, but this is False. There is a lot more to replacing a windshield than simply removing the old one and placing the new one. You have to make sure that your windshield is from a reputable source and not from a salvage yard, You have to make sure you have the right tools to remove both the old windshield and old adhesive left on the car, properly dispose of the old windshield, properly handle the new windshield, clean the new windshield, find the right adhesive and its corresponding tools, re-clean the windshield…and you get the idea. So much can go wrong if you were to do it yourself and no amount of encouragement from flex seals Phil Swift can help you with that.


Replacing Auto Glass Will Raise Rates: FALSE

Depending on your policy coverage, auto glass is covered. However, one common myth is that using your insurance to pay for your auto glass work will make your insurance rates rise, again depending on your policy coverage, this is false. It is unlikely that your insurance rates will rise because of an auto glass claim Many insurance agencies allow you to fill out a "glass-only claim." Check with your insurance agent for information on what your policy covers.


Auto Glass Is Expensive: FALSE

Let’s not mince words, owning a vehicle is expensive between regular maintenance, upgrades, and replacement pieces, the bills pile up. But lucky for you, Auto glass is one of the least expensive things you can service on your car. So you can file this one under False.


If you are looking for an auto glass shop with professional technicians at the best price, consider Auto Glass Now. We offer the lowest price on windshields at 50% off. We are also approved by all insurance companies so if you have full coverage let us do all the work on your behalf saving you time and hassle.  Whether in our store or our mobile service, Auto Glass Now has got you covered.

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5 women who changed the automotive industry


Bertha Benz - Brake pads, 1888

Bertha Benz's first long-distance drive ever lead to the creation of brake pads and the first gear system, when the wooden brakes wore-out and the car had to be pushed when going uphill.



Margaret Wilcox – Car heater, 1893

One of the few female mechanical engineers of her time, Margaret Wilcox devised a way to heat a car without electricity, channeling hot air from the car engine into the cabin.



Mary Anderson - Windshield wipers, 1903

While riding a streetcar during a storm, Mary Anderson got the idea for a hand-operated lever inside a vehicle designed to clear snow, rain, or sleet off of a windshield for better visibility.



Florence Lawrence - Turn and brake signals, 1914

Better known for her acting career, Florence Lawrence invented the turn and brake stop signals. Unfortunately, she failed to patent them and, as a result, she received no credit or profit from them.



Hedy Lamarr – GPS, 1942

Famous Hollywood's Golden Age actress Hedy Lamarr was also a self-taught inventor who created a frequency-hopping technology that is regarded as a precursor to secure GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.