Auto Glass Solutions: Looking Beyond the Dealership.

Many drivers, particularly those in rural areas, continue to return to the dealership for all automotive services. Dealerships are usually stocked with the appropriate parts and a staff that will know the vehicle, but there are several problems with using them. This is especially true for specialty services like auto glass. Cost effectiveness is almost always the top of the list when pricing out the difference between dealerships and other auto repair options. Dealerships tend to offer far fewer options than a specialty service provider can. Speed of service can be another problem. This is particularly true of rural dealerships that large have a back log of vehicles that need maintenance. Auto Glass, for example, is a service that a wary driver can usually find cheaper, faster and with more options at a specialty shop than at a dealership.

Dealerships often have no choice but to charge a full mark up on every service and every installed vehicle component. Running a full service repair shop isn’t cheap in terms of labor or equipment. Those costs are in addition to dealership fees, yearly dues and other costs. This is common across a wide range of industries, but particularly so in the world of automotive service. A high mark up on specialty items, like auto glass, allows the business to flourish all year. This isn’t necessarily unethical or immoral but there are certainly better values available to a wary consumer.

In order to maximize efficiency, dealerships tend to try and stock the recommended part for all vehicles the dealership services regularly. This can be highly beneficial when a specialty part or unique assembly breaks or wears out. It also means the variety of options a customer has is severely limited compared to a specialty shop.  Dealerships stock one windshield for example, where an auto glass specialist might carry as many as a dozen different types of viable windshields on a wide range of price points.

Another place where the dealership might not offer the most effective option is in terms of speed. Oftentimes dealerships have an extensive back log of appointments and vehicles that need a variety of services. Dealership shops tend to offer a full range of services for maintenance and repair. This can mean that drivers have an extensive wait time for what should be an easy repair. In auto glass repair cases, a specialist is typically available at the shop or for mobile glass repair or replacement. Most glass repairs take an hour or two. Going to a specialist can save drivers quite a bit of time compared to going to a dealership.

Ultimately the best answer for an auto glass problem is an auto glass specialist. Specialists will stock multiple options at a variety of prices. They can typically perform glass work faster and much cheaper than a dealership. Auto glass repair shops operate at a lower overhead than full service shops and  are typically able to offer discounts that full service shops could not afford.