Cover Your Broken Auto Glass With A Temporary Shield

If your auto glass is completely damaged, the obvious answer is to replace it. But what do you do between the moment of the glass being damaged and having an auto glass tech look at your auto glass? It isn’t ideal to drive your vehicle without glass, we recommend putting on a temporary shield. This is how you do it.


Vacuum Glass Shards


Thoroughly vacuum any shards of glass that can be on the seats, floor, handles, cup holders, or anywhere you or your passengers will be as well as any surfaces they will interact with. If applicable, and possible, vacuum inside the car door to avoid rattling noises when you open or close the door.









Clean The Window Frame

Using a damp cloth, clean the frame of the auto glass was to remove dust and dirt before placing any temporary cover. This way the cover will firmly stay on.








Temporary Car Window Application

Place a clear plastic sheet directly on the window frame, make sure that it covers enough of the hole to prevent any outside elements from coming in, Next use clear packing tape to hold the cover in place, and to ensure that you can still see outside of your vehicle without obstructions.









Replace Auto Glass Immediately

There is an old saying that says “Nothing is more permanent than temporary measures. Don’t let this be the case with your auto glass. Avoid safety hazards and potential fix-it tickets by replacing your auto glass as soon as possible.