Insurance Auto Glass Specials are the New Normal.

Everyone knows that insurance is supposed to pay for auto damage. That includes auto glass damage when it occurs as well as auto body and collision damage. Many drivers don’t think to use their insurance when a minor glass crack or break occurs but often it is a very simple and efficient matter to have insurance pay for an auto glass repair or replacement. Looking for preferred rates and pre-negotiated rates is a great way to ensure premiums stay even and everyone saves money.

In inclement weather and on rocky roads the potential for auto glass chips, scratches and dents is pretty significant. What many drivers don’t consider is that these minor damages lead to more major damages which in turn can cost an insurance company far more money than a simple repair will. At the same time and insurance company is bound to prefer a shop with the lowest rate available for them.

Additionally most insurance companies have a negotiated rate with a repair shop. Additionally many auto repair shops, including auto glass specialty shops have a premium rate they offer insurance companies in order to ensure repeat business. Between the two drivers are guaranteed a low deductible if any at all on basic auto glass repair and restoration services.

Using insurance whenever possible without an adjustment to premiums or deductibles is the best way for a driver to make use of a service they pay regularly for. Making sure they are using preferred auto glass shops and shops with a pre-negotiated rate is the best way to save on a deductible.