Insurance Tips: Accident Response

There are a few things every driver should do immediately in the case of an accident. There are obvious basic situation, safety and medical checks, as well as contacting  assistance as needed. Many drivers stop there, however, when they could take a few more basic precautions to ensure that their insurance rates don’t suffer as a result of the accident. After the driver makes sure everyone is safe, there are a few smart steps to take regarding your insurance company.


After any accident,  the first thing to do is to check the safety of everyone involved. Making sure everyone is conscious and unharmed should always come first. Followed by making sure the vehicle is still safe to occupy. If there are no flames, gas leaks or major dangers, waiting in the vehicle is generally the safest options. Once everyone is safe and secure it is typically then time to call any relevant authorities or emergency services that may be needed at the scene of the accident.

Many drivers will stop there, but in most cases going a few steps further can help the insurance company sort things out in favor of the driver. Calling your insurance company in the wake of an accident is often a good idea. Many insurance firms will send a field inspector out to the scene of an accident to perform the insurance investigation on the spot. Taking pictures of the accident scene and positions of the vehicle or vehicles involved can be important. Beyond these measures taking any statements of fault offered by other drivers or police reports for the insurance company will help.

Following these steps both ensure the safety of the driver and passengers, as well as the vehicle. Contacting the insurance company immediately in the wake of an accident can save drivers on an increase in premiums or deductible. Using both options suffer all around  protection for the driver.