Mobile Auto Glass vs. Auto Glass Repair Centers.

Windshields and windows suffer a wide array of damage. The nature of auto glass, specifically, makes this damage act in different ways than may drivers not in the know would ever consider. Windshield glass is typically reinforced and coated with a lamination like layer or other surfacing agent. This prevents the glass from immediately shattering into the drivers cockpit, a luxury older model cars don’t always have. This surfacing also tends to hold glass in place even with deep cracks, pits and abrasions that would lead to normal glass shattering. While the glass is suspended it is in need of attention or it stands to worse when exposed to elemental stresses like temperature, wind pressure or even heavy rain. Normally drivers are faced with calling a mobile glass repair center or heading into a brick and mortar glass repair shop.  Both have benefits that a driver may find outweighs the other and the cons are minimal when going to an auto glass specialist for auto glass work.

Emergency auto glass repairs usually call for a mobile specialist.  This is particularly true in cases where the driver does not feel safe driving due to the severity of the damage. Major spiderweb cracking, holes through the windshield and visible fallen glass dust or shards mean the vehicle should not be driven. If the damage is simply to the windshield the driver normally will not need to be towed and can simply can a mobile auto glass repair specialist to replace the windshield.

Lesser damage can typically be taken to the auto glass shop at the drivers leisure. As a matter of course  drivers should not wait very long to have even small window glass damage addressed. Minor auto glass damage can spread if left untreated and cost the driver far more than a stop at an auto glass repair shop. Chips scratches and small cracks can all be filled relatively cheaply and allow a low cost alternative to full windshield or window replacement.