The Windshield Installation Process.

The windshield glass installation is fairly easy to understand but difficult to master process. It does require specialty tools and materials and is only preformed safely when done by a trained technician using the proper tools. Normally windshield installation takes place during a windshield replacement so those steps will be covered as well.

First off, during a windshield replacement, the old glass must be removed. This usually involves chipping away fragmented pieces while large pieces or mostly intact windows can simply be cut loose and removed mostly intact. The full shape of the old windshield will need to be unscrewed and any panels over top of the windshield area removed as well. Once the windshield has been removed entirely and all glass and original adhesive strips removed then the area where the new windshield will adhere is thoroughly cleaned with a chemical primer, not unlike the type used in plumbing.

Normally the exact type of windshield  for a vehicle is already known by a shop based on vehicle make model and year, and will be available at most better windshield replacement or repair shops. Once the old window components are removed and cleaned the new window is cleaned with a primer as the location was. A long strip of adhesive is then placed onto the vehicle and the window lowered into place. The window is then screwed down and panels and components put in place, after a minimum drying time, the new window is as good as new. While the cleanliness of a repair shop is often preferred these services can normally be preformed at any location.